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The NTE931 is a 3–terminal fixed positive voltage regulator in a TO3 type package capable of driving loads up to 3A. New circuit design and processing techniques are used to provide the high output current without sacrificing the regulation characteristics of lower current devices. This device is virtually blowout proof. Current limiting and thermal shutdown provide a high level of reliability. No external components are required for operation of the NTE931, however, if the device is more than 4 inches from the filter capacitor a 1µF solid tantalum capacitor should be used on the input. A 0.1µF or larger capacitor may be used on the output to reduce load transient spikes created by fast switching digital logic, or to swamp out stray load capacitance. An overall worst case specification for the combined effects of input voltage, load current, ambient temperature, and power dissipation ensures that the NTE931 will perform satisfactory as a system element.


    Full spec sheet:

      NTE931 IC 3–Terminal Positive Voltage Regulator 5V, 3A

      SKU: NTE931
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