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NTE858M & NTE858SM Integrated Circuit Dual, Low–Noise JFET–Input Operational Amplifier


Description: The NTE858M and NTE858SM are dual, low–noise JFET input operational amplifiers combining two state–of–the–art linear technologies on a single monolithic integrated circuit. Each internally compensated operational amplifier has well matched high voltage JFET input devices for low input offset voltage. The BIFET technology provides wide bandwidths and fast slew rates with low input bias currents, input offset currents, and supply currents. Moreover, these devices exhibit low–noise and low harmonic distortion making them ideal for use in high–fidelity audio amplifier applications.


    Full spec sheet:

      NTE858M IC Dual, Low–Noise JFET–Input Operational Amplifier

      SKU: NTE858M
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