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The NTE74HC04 is a logic function hex inverter in a 14−Lead plastic DIP type package fabricated using advanced silicon−gate CMOS technology which provides the inherent benefits of CMOS − low quiescent power and wide power supply range. This device is input and output characteristic and pinout compatible with standard NTE74LS logic families. The NTE74HC04 triple buffered, hex inverter features low power dissipation and fast switching times. All inputs are protected from static discharge damage by internal diodes to VCC and ground.

The NTE74HC04 is intended to interface between TTL and NMOS components and standard CMOS devices. This device is also a plug−in replacement for LS−TTL devices and can be used to reduce power consumption in existing designs.


    Full spec sheet:

      NTE74HC04 IC TTL − High Speed CMOS, Hex Inverter

      SKU: NTE74HC04
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