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NTE6070 thru NTE6079 Industrial Silicon Rectifiers 85 Amp, DO5


Description: The NTE6070 thru NTE6079 series of 85 Amp power rectifiers are stud mounted DO5 packages. Because the silicon junction is carefully fitted within a glass to−metal hermetically sealed case, reliable operation is assured, even with extreme humidity and under other severe environmental conditions.

A double diffused, passivated junction technique is utilized to provide stable uniform electrical characteristics. Inherent in their design are very low leakage currents and excellent surge handling capability. These devices are available in standard and reverse polarities and in voltage ratings from 200 to 1600 volts PRV.

NTE silicon power rectifiers are ideal for a broad range of commercial and military uses including power supplies, ultrasonic systems, inverters, welders, emergency generators, battery chargers, DC motors, and motor controls.


    Full spec sheet:

      NTE6074 Rectifier 200V 85A DO-5 Cathode Case

      SKU: NTE6074
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