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The NTE384 is a multiple epitaxial silicon NPN power transistor in a TO66 type package utilizing a multiple–emitter site structure. Multiple–epitaxial construction maximizes the volt–ampere characteristic of the device and provides fast switching speeds. Multiple–emitter design ensures uniform current flow throughout the structure, which produces a high IS/b and a large safe–operation–area. The NTE384 is characterized for use in inverters operating directly from a rectified 110V power line. The leakage current is specified at 450V; therefore the device can also be used in a series bridge
configuration on a 220V line. The VEBO rating of 9V eases requirements on the drive transformer in inverter applications.


    Full spec sheet:

      NTE384 NPN 375V 7A TO-66 High Voltage Power AMP/switch

      SKU: NTE384
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