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The NTE2732A is a 32,768–bits ultraviolet erasable and electrically programmable read–only memory (EPROM) organized as 4,096 words by 8 bits and manufactured using N–Channel Si–Gate MOS processing. With its single +5V power supply and with an access time of 200ns, the NTE2732A is ideal for use with high performance +5V microprocessors such as the NTE3880.


The NTE2732A has an important feature which is the separate output control, Output Enable (OE) from the Chip Enable control (CE). The OE control eliminates bus contention in multiple bus microprocessor systems.


The NTE2732A also features an standby mode which reduces the power dissipation without increasing access time. The active current is 125mA while the maximum standby mode is achieved by applying a TTL–high signal to the CE input.


    Full spec sheet:

      NTE2732A EPROM 32K NMOS 200ns 24-lead DIP UV Erasable

      SKU: NTE2732A
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