The GALILEO AIR 1000 lantern by NEBO is a USB-C rechargeable, 1000 lumen collapsible lantern with 6 light modes featuring a USB power bank for powering or charging most USB devices. The lantern collapses quickly and easily to be extremely flat and compact for storage or travel and its folding hanging hook provides versatile mounting options.



High (1000 lumens): 1 hour / 20 meters or 65 feet

Medium (500 lumens): 5 hours / 14 meters or 45 feet

Low (100 lumens): 10 hours / 6 meters or 19 feet

Strobe (500 lumens): 5 hours / 14 meters or 45 feet

Red (50 lumens): 5 hours / 5 meters or 16 feet

Red Strobe (50 lumens): 5 hours / 5 meters or 16 feet



USB-C Rechargeable

Flexible, collapsible lantern body

Compact and lightweight

Durable ABS plastic

Water resistant (IPX4)


Smart Power Control for smooth transitions between light modes



One button controls power and modes



Rechargeable battery

USB-C to USB charging cable

Folding hanging hook



Powered by included lithium ion rechargeable battery (104050, 5V, 2500 mAh)

Recharge time ~2 hours depending on output of USB


Weight: 0.73 lbs.Height: 5.5"Width: 5.51"Depth: 5.51"

NEBO Galileo Air 1000 Lantern